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Your financial strategy in this stage will be based around improving your earnings potential and building your financial resources so that you are in a position to make your first big investment commitment.

Typically you will have just started working or are in a position where you are able to climb your vocational ladder and increase your earnings into the future. You may have just started or have some savings in cash which you are building up in anticipation of your first investment purchase.

You may need help in this stage around:

  • Improving your financial literacy and education
  • Budgeting and cashflow organisation to improve your rate of savings
  • Consolidating your many super accounts into one that you can easily track performance
  • Establishing suitable levels of personal risk insurances
  • Guidance and advice on the best asset in which to invest your deposit (home, investment property or shares?)

This is the initial stage of wealth creation. It is often the most difficult as it takes courage to start and time to build your deposit often with little prior momentum. You may be saving for a deposit for an investment property or home.


At this stage you are acquiring and building further equity in your assets. You are using your cashflow to maintain your investment assets and also manage a home mortgage or pay rent. Leverage may be strategically used to create momentum to increase your asset base.

In this stage you are more established, possibly with a partner and family and have made one or more large investment decisions. You probably own a property whether it is a family home, investment or both. Equity in property holdings can be used as a deposit to acquire further assets.

You have advanced further in your career and have worked hard at maximising your earnings potential, however as your earnings have increased so has the amount of tax you pay.

You may need help in this stage around:

  • Tax planning in order to help minimise your income tax through the structuring of your investment assets
  • Cashflow planning and budgeting in order to help manage your increasing lifestyle expenses, home mortgage repayments and investment costs
  • Review of your personal insurances in order to ensure they fully cover your expanding financial situation and your dependants
  • Increasing your asset base utilising your surplus equity and cashflow

You have largely or entirely paid off your home and you are at the peak of your earnings potential. You are continuing to build your assets and retirement is no longer a distant concept, but something you are beginning to devote greater thought to.

Your superannuation which was once locked away may be able to be tapped into to assist you in planning for retirement.

You may need help in this stage around:

  • Reviewing the most suitable superannuation structure to continue to grow your nest egg in (self managed super fund?)
  • Ensuring you will have sufficient wealth built in order to fund your future retirement
  • Pre-retirement strategies that increase your super balance in preparation for retirement whilst reducing your income tax
  • Estate planning that effectively protects your considerable asset base for future generations
  • Reviewing your asset allocation and diversifying your asset base to ensure that it is preserved in times of market volatility
  • If you own a business, identifying exit and business succession strategies

In the Freedom stage you have most likely eliminated your non-deductible debt and are focusing on further increasing your investment asset base in preparation for retirement. Your children or dependents by this stage may be employed and partially or fully funding their own lifestyles and you may look to aggressively increase your superannuation contributions.


You have spent your life creating wealth, now is the time to plan your retirement in the most tax effective manner with a view to preserving the value of the assets you have accumulated. Within this stage you may also be looking to help family members get started in the deposit stage.

Your wealth creation journey changes into one of wealth preservation as you stop working and look to enjoy your twilight years, funded by the wealth you have built through the years. It is likely you will seek to reduce the volatility of your portfolios and you will benefit from structuring your retirement income streams to minimise tax.

You may need help in this stage around:

  • Altering your asset allocation to reduce market volatility of your retirement asset base
  • Creating a tax effective income stream from your assets from which you can fund your ongoing living expenses
  • Understanding and maximising the government benefits you are entitled to

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