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Questions to Ask Your Financial Adviser

Finding the right advisor can be a difficult task. To help, we have outlined some important questions to ask your Financial Advisor.

  • How long have you been a Financial Advisor?
  • Does your company have their own Australian Financial Services Licence?
  • Do you have the ability to work directly with Accountants and Mortgage Brokers as one team?
  • Do you have professional expertise in direct property, equities and super?
  • Are you a partner in the firm? If so, they are less likely to leave.
  • Who owns your company? Is it a bank?
  • What type of clients make up your client base?
  • Do you invest in the same way as you recommend?
  • What makes you a superior advisor?

“A good Financial Advisor will take the varied elements of your financial life and combine them in one”

Financial Advice Today, Financial Knowledge Tomorrow

Our Financial Advisors will also help financially educate you to improve your financial literacy allowing you to become empowered in the implementation of your wealth.

What you can expect from us?

A successful financial strategy combines all elements of your life. We have outlined some of the key areas to consider.

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Creating Wealth with Ark Total Wealth

We are independently owned financial advisors who have been operating under our own Australian Financial Services Licence for over 20 years. Our financial advice and expertise extends from direct property and shares to managed funds and investment fields.

We specialise on financial advice focused on your plans rather than on investment products. To give you a feel of how we can help you create wealth, we offer a 90 minute complimentary appointment during which we get to know your needs and discuss the options for you to achieve these.

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