What is it?

Tax management is structuring your affairs to legally minimise your tax and make it as easy as possible for you to lodge your tax returns compliantly and on time. They key to a well structured tax management strategy is to be well prepared and to set your accounts up correctly.

We have a different approach to tax. We utilise the latest technology combined with expertise tax advice to deliver a modern solution for you individually and for your business. Through the use of XERO, cloud accounting and specific add-ons, we are able to track your accounts live so you have access to your financial situation anywhere, anytime. To show you how it works, we have broken down the service into individuals, small businesses and Self Managed Superannuation Funds.

By acting as your personal CFO, we track your bank accounts so all of your income and expenses can be reconciled online in a timely manner. This means come tax time, all of your information is ready to go to be lodged with the ATO. All of your receipts can be electronically stored via your phone or computer to ensure you never have to deal with the paperwork.
Small Business
When you run your own small business, you often find yourself as the HR, Accounts, Marketing Director and CFO. By implementing an effective accounting solution, you can increase your productivity and transparency whilst potentially reducing your cost – giving you more time to focus on your business. This cloud technology allows you to track all invoices and receipts, manage payroll/employees and run reports on the health of your business. This can all be run from your phone, tablet or laptop.
Self Managed Superannuation Funds
The main reason why investors setup their own funds is to have control and transparency. By implementing an Accounting solution you can have access to your accounts, anywhere and anytime. In addition, your tax return becomes an easy process as everything is reconciled on a monthly basis.
All of these servces are offered for a flat fee – so you know how much you are paying for the year.
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