Investment Options: Choosing Investments Assets

Very few people ever get wealthy by simply saving. To build wealth over the long term you need to invest in high quality assets that are appropriate to your situation.

Every asset class however has distinct features. You need to understand the benefits and risks of each of these asset classes so you can match it appropriately to your situation.

Some of the common investments that investors make are cash and fixed interest, which uses the defensive portions of their portfolio. Equities this can either be directly or it can be through a managed fund. Property, once again in can be done directly either or residential or commercial or it can also be done through a listed managed fund. Superannuation now this is an asset class that is often forgotten, yet every Australian will have one at some point of time in their life.

You can invest it in an industry fund, a retail fund, or if the fund is big enough a self managed super fund. The last asset class which is becoming very common in Australia is small business. A recent trend has been for a lot of people to go out on their own in either a contract or start their own business.

In the following videos we are going to examine each of these asset classes in detail and look at how they might fit your particular situation.




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