Having a Spirit of Generosity activates the pleasure and satisfaction Centres if the brain

Showing Humanity & Charity Changes The Brain…

Being compassionate and selfless allows people to be guided by their higher selves and thus allows us to operate at our advanced brain power.

It is why one of BBGs pillars of “having a spirit of generosity is so important.

Did you know that being charitable, volunteering and acting out of compassion changes your brain?

Brain imaging studies have shown that TWO major changes take place in the brain when we do charitable works…

1. The positive-emotional brain circuitry as well as the pleasure and satisfaction centers in the brain are activated.

2. There is a high activation of gamma brain waves which indicates new brain cell wiring (or neuroplasticity) that grows as if stretching from the old branches of an ancient oak tree.

Why do these brain changes matter?

The activation of the positive-emotional circuitry along with the new tracks allows us to feel good about ourselves and our contribution to the greater good. 

When the brain feels good it will continue the charitable behavior making it a habit and natural way of life.

(Harbaugh, Science 316, 2007);  William T. ; Carter, et al., 2009)



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