Freedom (freedom)

You have largely or entirely paid off your home and you are at the peak of your earnings potential. You are continuing to build your assets and retirement is no longer a distant concept, but something you are beginning to devote greater thought to.

Your superannuation which was once locked away may be able to be tapped into to assist you in planning for retirement.

You may need help in this stage around:

  • Reviewing the most suitable superannuation structure to continue to grow your nest egg in (self managed super fund?)
  • Ensuring you will have sufficient wealth built in order to fund your future retirement
  • Pre-retirement strategies that increase your super balance in preparation for retirement whilst reducing your income tax
  • Estate planning that effectively protects your considerable asset base for future generations
  • Reviewing your asset allocation and diversifying your asset base to ensure that it is preserved in times of market volatility
  • If you own a business, identifying exit and business succession strategies

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