Discussing the Life Insurance industry

Our Partner, Dylan Chan was recently asked to provide his thoughts on the insurance industry and the impact on the consumer. Have a read of the article, as there are some great insights. 

'The Age of the Consumer' - by Risk Info E Magazine

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What Benefits will you gain From A SMSF?

So what are the main benefits of Self-Management Super Fund? Well this is quite individual as everybody is slightly different but we have summarised the main benefits that individuals receive out of their super fund.

The first one being control – because you are the Trustee you ultimately have discretion on what you want to invest in and what you don’t want to invest in. You are only effectively bound by what legislation will allow you to invest in and ...


What insurances do you need?

There is so much confusion when it comes to what insurances you require. The attached flyer summarises two key insurances, how much you need and how to structure it. 

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ATO releases new guidelines on insurance in SMSF's

The ATO has recently issued a guideline for all Self Managed Super Funds re. the adequate provision of personal insurance coverage for trustee/members.

Specifically, the trustee must consider whether the fund should hold insurance coverage for one or more members of the fund and have that fund hold an insurance contract covering member/s.

The guidelines do not specifically mention what sort of insurance coverage or types of cover should be applied however we believe consideration for Life Insurance ...