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What to Consider When Buying Property?

We have just updated our latest e-book which looks at 3 key areas you need to consider when buying property. 

Download the latest version here. 


Choosing an Adviser – Selecting the right adviser for you

Hi, my name is Chris Magnus and I am a Senior Financial Advisor at Ark Total Wealth. Choosing the right financial advisor can make a big different to your life outcomes so it is important that you ask your prospective advisor the right questions both themselves personally and also about the business who they work for.

Your advisor should be representing you and your best interests, they should ideally hold their own Australian financial services licence. So it may be ...


Risk Management Strategies

Setting goals and objectives and implementing strategies to invest to achieve these goals are a waste of time without an appropriate Risk management strategy, there are many different components that make up a risk management strategy which includes:

  • Diversification
  • Estate Planning
  • Asset protection
  • Insurances for both assets and individuals

Most people are well aware is that it is ill-advised to put all of your eggs into one basket from an investment perspective but what is often overlooked is to protect ...