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Discussing the Life Insurance industry

Our Partner, Dylan Chan was recently asked to provide his thoughts on the insurance industry and the impact on the consumer. Have a read of the article, as there are some great insights. 

'The Age of the Consumer' - by Risk Info E Magazine

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Tips and tricks for structuring your insurances

With personal insurances there are many ownership options and features that the lay person comes face to face with when trying to establish risk coverage that is right for them.  Without professional advice it is relatively easy for tax benefits to be lost or incorrect structures to be setup that unwittingly disadvantage the policy holder.  Here are some features you may not know that could save you some $$$ and heart ache down the track:

Life Insurance Premiums can be tax ...


Questions to ask about your Insurances

The questions we help clients solve are as follows:

  • Do you have any cover in place?
  • Do you know what the benefits of your cover are?
  • Do you have a schedule of all insurances in one place?
  • Are there clear instructions of what to do if the need for a claim arises
  • Does our spouse/beneficiaries know where to access the file and who to contact if a claimable event arises?
  • Who is the beneficiary listed on your policy? Is ...

Using your Super to Pay for your Personal Insurance

Here is an extract from an article in Money Management on holding insurance through super. Personal Insurance is a must if you have debt or dependents but you don’t want to waste your precious cash flow on paying for premiums…. the solution is to use your superannuation benefits to pay for your insurance. It can be more tax effective but most importantly it has no impact on your cash flow.

So which super fund is the one you should ...


Review your Insurances

During our regular research review of various insurance providers, we have identified that there is considerable difference between the various insurance providers and some major providers are currently offering personal insurance at extremely competitive and low rates.

These low rates won’t be around forever as they are currently undertaking their review to increase their insurance rates in mid February.

If you have an existing insurance policy (Life/TPD, Income Protection or Trauma) you may be able to replace these ...


General Insurance Presentation - Michael Klompas

Michale Klompas Presentation on the need for Comprehensive General Insurance for a Business


Michael Klompas.pdf (439 KB)

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