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What to do with spare cash?

This is the good problem to have. Your income exceeds your daily expenses and any disposable living (holidays, night outs etc.). The next question is what to do with your spare cash flow?

Everyone you ask will probably have a different answer as to where to put your money but in this article we have short listed some different options you may consider;

Cash – There are many high interest cash accounts out there that offer at call very good interest ...


Should I fix my interest rate?

At the moment, there is a price war (or interest rate war) going on between the banks in relation to fixed interest rates for investment and home loans. Currently, you can get 2 and 3 year fixed rates for less than the discounted variable rate.

Does this mean now is a good time to fix your loan?

This answer for this is different for everyone and it is better to look at it from your individual situation rather than trying ...


How to achieve your dream retirement? - Cash Flow Management

Good cash flow is essential for wealth creation and capital preservation. Effective cash flow management is one of the most important elements in financial planning as it can have a significant impact on someone’s ability to achieve their goals and objectives and to deliver financial security throughout retirement.

Planning is vital in the cash flow management process. Effective cash flow management can only be achieved by creating positive cash flow (after expenses) that can be used to pay off ...

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